Yacht Maritime Compliance

The Safety Management System for your yacht

As yacht sizes have increased, the necessity of implementing Rules and Regulations for safe operation has become crucial for Flag States.

Various international regulations such as MLC 2006, Marpol, and Large Yacht codes have been established to outline requirements concerning construction, operation, and management. This has resulted in an increased workload for yacht managers, onboard personnel, and owners.

A structured organization is now essential to meet legal requirements, and a clear understanding is necessary to prevent any surprises.

Recognizing this need, MLC Yachting has created a customized system to assist clients.

Drawing from extensive knowledge and experience in the yachting industry and Maritime Compliance, MLC Yachting has developed a fleet management tool to streamline and oversee onboard compliance for both onboard and office personnel.

Designed for Yacht below the 500GT, our Maritime Compliance package includes:

  1. Tailor-made implementation of Fleet Management Software specific to each yacht, incorporating Planned Maintenance, Crew Module, Safety Module, and SMM Module (QHSE).
  2. 24/7 Remote Access to  Yacht Data for Planned Maintenance, Crew Status, and Yacht Certification Status.
  3. 24/7 Shore-based emergency support/response and Remote tracking.
  4. Two technical Inspections or SMS Audits annually.
  5. Technical & Operational support during Class and Flag visits and Surveys.
  6. Fleet Circulars and updates.

Your compliance manager will collaborate closely with the Captain and crew to establish a structured process that identifies any potential Yacht Compliance issues, ensuring the yacht is maintained to the highest standards.

Additionally, for comprehensive support when needed most, "Technical Management and Project Management" can be included to streamline the process of upkeeping the yacht to industry standards in a efficient and cost effective way.