Yacht Condition Surveys & Pre-Purchase surveys

A comprehensive overview of the status of the Yacht

Whether you're considering purchasing a new yacht or assessing your current asset, it's always advisable to conduct a Yacht Conditions Survey. This survey helps verify the condition of onboard systems and identifies any potential defects that need attention.

With our expertise in Yacht Management and Engineering, we offer consultancy services as required.

Our approach to Yacht Condition Surveys and Pre-Purchase Surveys is straightforward: "Supervising Operational Testing and assessing the yacht's condition in real operating conditions.

By following our survey procedures and leveraging our expertise, we provide Owners and Captains with updated yacht status, a list of defects, and recommendations. This information can guide future refit specifications or simply confirm the asset's condition.

The 'In-house' inspection and evaluation can be enhanced by involving 'Manufacturer's Technicians' for the Main and Auxiliary Systems upon request.
This collaboration ensures a comprehensive and detailed status report , history and maintenance records of specific equipment.

Our extensive network of reliable experts and technicians who can contribute to the particular project adds value to the already thorough and detailed assessment carried out.
Drawing from firsthand experience, it is advisable to schedule regular Technical Inspections/Yacht Condition Surveys, preferably on an annual basis, prior to the routine maintenance phase during Yard Periods, and particularly before Special Class Surveys.

This proactive strategy enables prompt evaluation and planning of necessary tasks to avoid delays and ensure accurate budget projections.

Our protocols are designed to simplify the inspection process and promptly deliver comprehensive data and findings to our clients.

Our fundamental inspection program is categorized into four main segments:


1. Harbour Mode inspections

2. Sea Trial & inspections

3. Emergency Mode Inspections

4. Drydock inspections


Each segment involves thorough inspection and testing of onboard systems, ensuring no aspect is overlooked.

The Inspection period ranges from 2 to 5 days, depending on the yacht's size and the scope of work required. Our streamlined protocol allows us to perform inspections promptly, even during a hectic charter season, providing the client and his/her crew with useful information prior yard maintenance periods or in view of a possible purchase.

Aiming to offer a comprehensive overview of the status of the onboard systems, our assessment involves observing functionality of each equipment onboard, along with conducting interviews with the crew and review of the Planned Maintenance System, Maintenance Log and upcoming preventive maintenance to validate the findings or suggest potential recommendations.

Situated close to the yachting hub of Monaco enables us to fulfill our clients' diverse needs with precision, reliability, and cost efficiency, surpassing their expectations.