Technical Yacht Management & Support

A long term cooperation for yacht's reliability and efficiency

With 25 years of experience in the Maritime Industry as a Captain, Chief Engineer, and Technical Superintendent, I have devised a system to assist in Yacht Management & smooth operation , ensuring the Captain and crew can independently manage the yacht.

This system involves daily monitoring, remote aid, comprehensive technical planning, and budgeting for the yacht's technical requirements, including equipment services, planned maintenance, Class and Flag inspections, and Yacht Refits.

The goal is to enhance onboard operations by establishing a long-term maintenance and inspection schedule and providing shore support for urgent repairs. Success hinges on onboard experience, yacht knowledge, and clear communication and delineation of responsibilities between the onboard team and shore support.

The service is customizable to meet client needs and structured in modules, covering key tasks such as:


      1. Assessment of Yacht Conditions.


      2. Conduct Yacht Planned Maintenance Review and/or implementation.


      3. Developing Refit Budgets and Yard Specifications & Schedule for yard periods.


      4. Monitor Yacht conditions with regular visits and acting as shore support for urgent repairs.


       5. Organize and Support Captain and crew during Class and Flag Surveys.



Additionally, a " Yacht Refit Project Management service" can supplement the above for comprehensive support when required.