PMS- MLC Yachting Implementation of Marad

What is Marad and why to use it?

Marad is a Fleet Management System that is Class approved, practical, powerful, and proven, utilized on numerous vessels, plants, and machinery.

Most Fleet Management systems consist of various modules, ranging from Maintenance and Inventory to Yacht Certification, Crewing, Health & Safety, and Purchasing.

This system is user-friendly, fully functional, and backed by strong IT support, making it an exceptional tool for Yacht Management and log-keeping. It can efficiently schedule maintenance tasks for equipment and systems in advance and maintain records of maintenance, crew certification, and Yacht Certification.

The competitive pricing for Licenses and Options positions this software as a compelling alternative to traditional industry software in the yachting sector.
Accessible in Desktop, iPad, Android, and iPhone versions for the entire crew, it can be tailored to onboard organization and client requirements regarding rules and responsibilities, ensuring reliability in all scenarios.

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Why MLC Yachting Version?

MLC Yachting has developed a fully customized PMS for the Yachting Industry based on the Marad software. This version seamlessly integrates the professionalism of PMS requirements with the specific needs of the Yachting Industry. Here are some key aspects of the MLC software development:

1. Tailored Databases: Customized databases for Maintenance, Yacht Certificates, and Crew Certification modules, covering on-board systems, Yacht certificates (Private & Commercial), and Crew Certificates tailored to Yacht’s safe Manning for vessels of all sizes.

2. Maintenance & Inspection Tasks: Includes manufacturer's recommended schedules, Class and Flag Surveys, and requirements for each component/system

3. Structured Maintenance Tasks: Tasks divided into different categories to facilitate planning for drydock periods or inspections to be carried out during drydock, including Class-related items.

The incorporation of Class rules into on-board documentation enhances the tasks' efficiency and effectiveness.

How does it work?

The process is straightforward: MLC Yachting will provide crew assistance and handle tasks on your behalf, serving as consultants to guide you on structure and organization. Leveraging their expertise in Management and Engineering, MLC Yachting opts to assist the crew in setting up the on-board Planned Maintenance Schedule without imposing a different framework. They will aid in implementing efficient software and crafting a tailored solution to meet the yacht's requirements and documentation.  The yacht will retain sole ownership of the License, while MLC Yachting will handle customization during the initial implementation phase.