Yacht Project Management & New Build Supervision

The tool for a successful project

With over 15 years of experience in the yachting industry, the Yacht Project Management service aims to offer clients tailored solutions. Collaborating closely with the Owner’s representatives, Captain and Crew, the project management approach has successfully managed over 20M in Yacht Refit Budgets. This is achieved by finding cost-effective solutions within set timeframes and aligning them with project plans.

The project primarily focuses on three main pillars:


1. Organization: Initial phase involving budgeting and contracts.


2. Communication: Facilitated between involved parties like Yacht, Manager, Yard, and Subcontractors, overseen by the Project Manager.


3. Supervision: On-site project management for planning, execution, and delivery.


Effective organization is crucial for defining the project scope, creating detailed Yard Specifications, and aligning budgets with the yacht's schedule. The Project Manager is deeply involved from the outset, managing the quoting process, finalizing budgets, and obtaining client approval.

Communication is key to project success, with the Project Manager acting as the central point for correspondence and instructions between all parties involved.

Supervision entails continuous on-site monitoring to address issues and suggest cost-effective solutions. Regular client and crew reports are provided, including technical updates and financial summaries.

Utilizing specific documents and software tools, the Yacht Project Manager and Survyeor ensures efficient monitoring and reporting. Additionally, access to specialized subcontractors such as Naval Architects and Engineers enhances project success.

The Project Manager's local knowledge and language proficiency play vital roles in meeting quality expectations. Common project locations include Spain, Italy, and France within the Mediterranean region.

Tailored Yacht Project Management services are available to address individual client requirements with detailed discussions and evaluations.