Yacht Maritime Compliance

As yacht dimensions have expanded, the imperative of implementing rules and regulations for safe operation has become essential for Flag States and Classification societies. Regulations such as MLC 2006, Solas, Marpol, and Large Yacht codes have been formulated to establish national and international standards for construction, operation, and management.

Consequently, this has added a significant workload for yacht operations, onboard personnel, and owners alike.

The complexity of compliance necessitates structured organization and clear understanding to prevent unexpected surprises. MLC Yachting recognizes this need and has developed a fully customizedsystem to provide robust support to our clients.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience in the yachting industry and maritime compliance, MLC Yachting has tailored a fleet management tool.

This tool effectively structures and monitors onboard compliance for both on-board and office personnel.

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Technical Management & Support

With a commitment to day-to-day follow-up and teamwork, we provide unwavering support to the crew in achieving their agreed targets.

From yearly operational budgets to refit budgets, yard specifications, and on-site works supervision, MLC Yachting comprehensively covers all aspects to facilitate the smooth operation of the yacht.

Acting as shore support, we are readily available for urgent repairs or troubleshooting, working to provide the best available options with the shortest possible delay.

Our technical management involves collaborative planning with the Captain and Chief Engineer for long-term planned maintenance. This includes schedules and costs for major inspections in line with clients' charter schedules and itineraries

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Planned Maintenance System

Leveraging our expertise in yacht management, project management, and engineering, our office provides dedicated consultancy services exclusively for planned maintenance when and where needed. Our services include:

  1. Full planned maintenance system review based on yacht's drawings.
  2. Gap analysis to support the crew in scheduling on-board maintenance and Class/Flag inspections.
  3. Clear reporting on findings based on a database of equipment for similar-sized yachts.
  4. Recommendations on solutions and available tools to maintain manufacturer's schedules and industry standards.


This comprehensive service can be conducted in conjunction with an on-board technical inspection for real-time status evaluation.

MLC Yachting has also created a professionally structured database for Planned Maintenance of yachts between 30 and 70 mtr, updated with latest Class and Flag requirements in Maintenance and Inspections, leaving nothing aside and working in cooperation with Engines and Auxiliary Systems manufacturer's to provide a "ready to go" solution for our clients.

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Project Management

Utilizing a network of shipyards and contractors, coupled with a methodic approach and professional tools, our office offers full project management for your winter maintenance/yard periods and more. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Review work list and creation of yard specifications.
  2. Tendering for quotations and technical support in the preliminary phase.
  3. Review of quotes and refit budget.
  4. Project schedule and contract negotiation.
  5. On-site full project management.
  6. Regular reporting systems, including technical and financial reports, keep the client updated on the project's status and costs.

As independent consultants, we can also provide support in the preliminary phase of your project, working in cooperation with the Captain and his crew to prepare the yard period professionally.

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Technical Inspections & Pre-Purchase Surveys

Drawing on our experience in yacht management and engineering, we offer consultancy services for technical inspections and pre-purchase surveys.

Our approach is straightforward - witness operational testing and evaluate the yacht's status in real conditions.

The documentation used, combined with experience, provides the owner and captain with an updated status of the yacht, a list of defects, and/or recommendations.

This information can be utilized for future refit specifications or simply to confirm the asset's conditions.

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